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Records Management

The need for a information management practice assessment (of county departments or commercial organizations) generally stems from space and records storage issues created by the volume of paper files these departments store internally.

The process of assessing the records management practices of these departments allows Concorde to formulate a records management plan for all documents that will, over time, significantly reduce the volume of paper these departments store. In order to create this plan, the department’s records management practices are assessed, short and long-term space requirements are determined, and recommendations are formulated based on these findings.

Records Management Deliverables


Departmental overview: A high level description of the role and function of the department within the County or commercial organization

Findings: Concorde’s findings relating to the current records management practices of each department assessed

Retention Guidelines: County or develop guidelines for documents types

Recommendations: What Concorde recommends, specific to the departments, in terms of how they can begin to solve their storage problems

Strategic Planning
Productivity, Feasibility and Return on Investment Analysis
Work Process Improvement
Business Continuity Planning




The crew was fantastic, everyone was polite and helpful and took the time to ask questions. They take great pride in their work. Thank you for the outstanding help.




This was spectacular. I wish it was done every couple of years.



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